Living between worlds is a beautiful gift, as Fadoua Beghiyl discovered growing up in her birth nation of The Netherlands to parents born and raised in Morocco.

Fadoua's earliest childhood memories of seeing her mother behind her sewing machine, making beautiful, intricate creations, awoke a passion for fashion & design early on.

As she studied her mother's traditional Morocco-influenced seamstressing skills, interesting lifestyle brands emerged on the wave of an informal Dutch attitude to clothes. The more casually elegant Dutch approach to fashion stood in contrast to Morocco's more glamorously feminine women's style. Both appealed to Fadoua, urging her to develop her sewing, dressmaking, and design skills to create clothes that felt natural. And who is Fadoua?

She's a girl living in different worlds, each with unique, independent ideas of fashion and distinctive expressions of sophistication, elegance, femininity and beauty. Realizing clothes representing her unusual multi-world and multi-cultural marriage of fashion didn't exist, she transformed her passionate hobby into a business in 2021 with the launch of NADINE, a fashion brand named after her daughter.

While Fadoua represents the journey of finding a path between two worlds, NADINE is the beautiful, bold outcome - a fashion brand for the independent, empowered woman who expresses herself with modesty,  sophistication, elegance, and style.